Friday, March 14, 2008


I have thoroughly enjoyed my March Break! I managed to sew curtains for my workshop, organize my shelves (I keep looking at them in awe as they are so tidy and uncluttered!) and get things spruced up around here! We finally decided on a colour palette for my workshop so it's given us exactly what we needed to make things move! We will paint trim and walls next and then we will put down some new flooring (I am so excited for a new 'clean' look!)

Today was the much anticipated Creative Kids Luau! Sean has asked me every morning for the last few mornings "Is today the Lu Owww??" He had his Hawaiian shirt all picked out and even put it on yesterday he was so excited!

So here is some of my stuff all ready to go...
we used the flowers and neon straws to make Leis, we used Plastic Easter Eggs and filled them with dry pasta to make Marraccas then decorated them with some podge and bright tissue paper, we made flowers out of tissue for the girls' hair and made pins for the boys' shirts. Then we enjoyed a tropical smoothie and some tropical fruit for snack!

Here are the kids all dolled up! They had a great time! They especially enjoyed the special bag of tropical treats I sent home with everyone (you can see my little Palm Tree treat bags in the photo above). The Moms loved those too!

We will definitely have more themed events in the future as the children all LOVED the Hawaiian Theme!!!


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Yvonne said...

That sure looks like a lot of fun! I enjoy reading your blog. I have just started a blog as well.