Thursday, September 28, 2017


 As I was planning our Halifax programs, our host made it clear that visiting Sherbrooke Lake Camp was top of the list in terms of necessity. Upon arriving, one of the first things you see is this bridge that leads the way into the woods to a path that, for me, is not yet taken. Perhaps the next time I find myself at Sherbrook, I will discover where it leads for now...I will just enjoy what is signifies...

A place where friendships are made and boundaries are stretched.

I got out for a paddle with my friend Mat. He is the one that made the trip out to camp happen. It was such a good space to be in.

We enjoyed a full afternoon and some time into the evening there...just taking it in...

And celebrating all of our blessings....

Mat has been to camp the last few days and has shared some of the beautiful space that it is through the Sherbrooke Lake Instagram account. Check it out sometime.

So full of beauty.
So full of life.
So full of the Holy Spirit.

Much love,

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