Thursday, April 23, 2015

So Happy Together!

I had a lot of fun making these Lotus Blossom Blouses by Love Notions for the Creative Princess and I! This knit top has a fun 'twist' in front and I decided to add one on the back too!

This top is out just in time for spring!

 And you can have fun with it a number of ways! I decided to have fun with the backs of our shirts by adding some colour!

Pattern Specs:
Pattern: Lotus Blossom Blouse, Love Notions
Sizes: Girls 2T-16 and Ladies XXS - XXXL
Fabrics: Knits
Difficulty: Beginner - the trickiest bit is the actual twist but if you follow the directions and don't overthink it you will do great. If you are struggling, then head over to the Love Notions Facebook Group and someone will be there to help you get through!


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