Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baby it's Cold Outside!

When the chance came up to test these shorts I was SO excited!!! I have never sewn a Rabbit Rabbit Creations before but I knew my boys would love these shorts. Just one problem...Rabbit Rabbit is in Australia so while they are getting ready for summer we are getting ready for winter over here in Canada...things started off alright...
But then...my little guy started to freak out!
Perhaps the warmth of big brother might help?!
'Cause big brother is a pretty cool guy...
And he likes to show off my work whenever he can! Actually, all of my children do. They love their handmade duds.
These shorts have great details! From the bucket style pockets to the top stitching finish (I love top stitching!!!) They take a bit of extra time but the finished product is so great...my boys can't wait till summer so they can wear these for real!
Thanks to Rabbit Rabbit Creations for the chance to test these...there will be more of these in the summer for sure (the Creative Princess has requested a pair so...yep! More sewing to do!)


PS I loved this pattern so much I bought a few more Rabbit Rabbit patterns!

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