Thursday, November 06, 2014

All Wrapped Up!

Wow! We've had loads of sewing happening lately! Here is the Creative Princess in Sofilantjes Iridis Dress that is being launched with a sale price this week!

Want to know a wonderful thing about this dress? It's so easy to layer with! The Creative Princess wore it again today with a nice long sleeve shirt  and leggings underneath!

 Another fun bit for me was the hemline...the pattern calls for a rolled hem but since my bottom fabric was on the heavier side I decided to bling it out with some fun trim!
This pattern has options in knit and woven and can be short or long sleeved so there is something for everyone and all of our seasons! It was a quick sew with easy to follow directions (just be sure to pin those layers on the bottom half so they line up properly for you!)


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