Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Get your Shrove On!

I don't think I have ever been wish a "Happy Shrove Tuesday" before but it happened several times this year! I was pretty excited to be at Community Living for Shrove much better does it get? Really?

So, in the spirit of fun and creativity we made our own Pancake Mix (who needs that store-bought stuff anyway?)
 AND we packaged it up! (See that? We even made a little card to go with it...)
Then, we decided...since it was Shrove Tuesday that the thing to do would be to try out our Pancake Mix and get our Shrove on! Look how fluffy!
 Good enough to eat!
These pancakes were a huge hit! Everyone enjoyed a little pre-lunch snack and then took some of the mix home to share with their families!

I saved my pancake appetite for later when I made Pina Colada Pancakes, bacon and hash browns for my Creative Family...mmmmm. It was a good day.


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