Monday, November 07, 2011

Handmade Gift Series!

I am SO excited about November's HandMade Series! Oh my goodness! Did we ever have fun on Thursday (we ran terribly late but we got it all done!)  The Corker Bows were a huge hit but the felt flower and the wreath were fun too!
 This week's theme is jewelry. We will stamp washers and create bird nest charms...there should be time to try 2 of each.
November 17th we will create a Stationary set (complete with a sweet little case) that you can give to someone sweet!
 On November 24th we will make pie in a jar! I am SO excited about this. You can freeze them and then bake them from frozen! What a great gift for family and those single men in your life! ;) Or just to have on-hand for your family to enjoy!
Girls' Night Out is a relaxed evening full of camaraderie, chatter and crafting with girls from 7 to well, Grama CB comes but I won't disclose her age!

Oh and it's affordable too! Each workshop is $5-10 and you get to take something great home!


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