Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Halloween is still haunting me!

I have to apologize for my poor photo quality...I was having a lot of trouble with my SD Cards...I finally managed to fix the problem.  I reached back into my not so technical mind and got to thinking about defragmenting. I guess I take a lot of photos because all of my cards needed to be defraged quite desperately! 

Anyway...I went to this super-sweet family party not so long ago.

To which I brought these super-sweet hot chocolate spoons to share!

And we made some super-sweet Franken-patties!

Gosh, I use that punch a LOT!
But the real highlight for me? 

The super-sweet kids that were in attendance. They were there for their cousin's 2nd birthday and they were happy to sit down and do the crafts with fact, I dare say they enjoyed it!

I have strong feelings about this. I have been turned down flat by some boys in the past so I never get my hopes up but nurturing creativity is such an important part of our lives. I think that creativity is what gets you got me here didn't it?


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