Sunday, October 30, 2011

When you're the best of friends...

It was Friday morning...2 of 5 costumes were done. I had handed over the responsibility of Mr. CB's costume to him. I was stressed. There was no menu plan, I couldn't find any Toy Story Themed menus on line that were simple and to the point.

So, I broke the news to the kids over breakfast.  First Sarah started talking about liquorice lassos...
Then Sean started talking about mashed potatoes to represent Bo Peep's Sheep. Now, my kids don't actually eat mashed potatoes and it just didn't seem like party food so we started talking about marshmallows...and the next thing you know we had pink jello with Cool Whip and Mini-mallows! Yum!
Speaking of potatoes...who doesn't love Mr. Potato Head?
We listened to all of Jessie's Pull String phrases and Sarah suggested Animal Crackers...lovin' it!
This is when I got to thinking we need something a little healthier...what do cowboys eat for dinner? Chilli cooked on a fire of course!
Now, we had covered a few of the characters we would have present at the party...except for the army he brought along the biscuits!
Now for something for the kids to eat...where else would you get your pizza from?

And who doesn't love those little alien guys? Well, they were pretty punchy at the party! This was a super citrus punch with lime sherbert. Yummy!

I seem to have lost this photo somewhere along the way...but here are the Aliens that Buzz saved from the punch!
 The inspiration for our party. The loves of my life.
 Our family portrait...
 A smaller group than in previous years but we had fun none the less.
Happy Halloween Everyone!


Yes, I did get all the costumes finished in time. It seems that I always get by.

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