Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The evolution of a dress...

This time the inspiration was 'The Beatles'. That was one of the key things I knew about the little girl I was sewing for, she likes The Beatles. I have had a Beatles tee waiting for a home in my bin for I started percolating on was pretty plain...I sometimes struggle with plain. But this time I had a plan. I was thinking about Rainbows. There is a little girl who inspires me when it comes to fact, she was here sorting my threads by colour just the other I was thinking of her too...

The first thing that happens is my fabric bins come out. They get dumped on the floor and I start throwing fabric all around our living room. Then as I find what I am looking for I start to piece it all together...and then I cut it out.
 Then I sew each layer together. One at a time.
 Next the sleeves...
 Then the sideseams and the hem.  Leaving the trickiest part to last. The hood. (Another request).
Then I finished all the ends, packaged it off and mailed it to California. I hope the recipient loves this dress as much as I loved making it. Boy do I ever have a hankering to do some sewing now!


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