Friday, July 08, 2011

We were picking cherries...

The whole way to the farm we rode to (yes, we rode our bikes as part of this adventure) I was singing a modified Great Big Sea song. It's how I felt. Then we arrived at the farm (to which I had never been before) and saw much more authentic could it get?
I cannot express to you how much I love this moment. I pretty much captured Simon's daily life. "Hey Guys! Wait up!"
The trees were stunning, simply beautiful and the cherries were plentiful.
We stopped at one basket...I'm not even sure what I am going to do with them! Simon wasn't happy about stopping though! He loved it out there!
And no one, but no one could put those cherries in the bag from the basket except for Simon!
What an adventure we had!


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Kelly said...

This is so brilliant that I find myself wondering if we grow cherries here in NB. They won't be ripe yet, but it's some comfort that we're at the height of strawberry season right now.