Thursday, July 07, 2011

Summer Survival!

I had so much fun planning this camp and I think the kids had just as much fun being a part of it!

We did all sorts of activities that might help the kids get through there summer...including some boredom busters! First up? Pillow cases! My kids (the older 2) are spending a week at residential camp this year along with our usual family get-aways! Now they have a pillow case they can bring along that will make them happy!
Next we decorated our tins...these tins were later filled with a Magnetic Memory Game, Magnetic Tic Tac Toe, Summer Journals and Gel Pens! We will be adding a deck of cards to the tins our kids brought home!
Next up, these were an a-MAZE-ing hit! We recycled old CD cases, employed some Bend-a-roos, some clay and we had custom mazes for everyone! These alone were a huge hit with the kids! They kept pulling them out throughout the day, trading and even adjusting their mazes!
You all know I am a softie when it comes to we rolled with the punches and got to work on an afternoon snack for everyone...
It's important to always leave them wanting S'More and today we did! We made S'mores in a jar! Omigosh! They were so fun and the kids just loved them!!!
We finished the day with some beading and string games...
Can you believe Simon strung a necklace all himself? Incredible!

Well, I hope the kids all had as much fun as I did! Don't forget next week is Creative Cooks! Come join in on the fun in the kitchen!


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