Friday, June 17, 2011

Sweet Scent-sation!

I have found myself so busy at parties lately that I hardly have time to take photos...and I forget to tell you important bits...the parties are still as wonderful as ever...the kids are still fabulous and the fun, well, we have lots of it!

So, to start...cupcakes!
Next up? Soap...where are the photos? Who knows...we made mini-soaps with Grapefruit Scents...mmmm...there were flowers, hearts, fish and puzzle pieces. Just imagine them for me. Please?

Then? Shrink art! We made Flip Flops and Lipstick charms! They loved that...and they did such great colouring...with coordinating charms, contrasting charms...they were charming really!
Finally, back to those cupcakes! Mmmm cupcakes!

And so much fun!


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