Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Rainbow Connection

I think a lot of us have a special place for a little green frog who sings about rainbows... sometimes we catch a glimpse of what might be on the other side...and it is beautiful.

This party was booked well in advance giving the hosting mom and I lots of time to discuss options for themes. She was stumped...totally stumped. It was obvious that the usual princess gig just wasn't going to do it...
So, I suggested an Art Party...of course having never hosted one I had no idea what I was in for...but that's sort of my thing...jumping in with both feet that is.
Of course it's more fun when we do it together...just look at these sweethearts...
It really doesn't get much better than this group of girls...they were wonderful...
Well, there was one little snag...
We did Shrink Art, Art Journals and Cupcakes (of course!) and in an attempt to be artsy...I made the journals the colours of the rainbow (sorry indigo, I keep leaving you out!) When I tried to hand the journals out to the girls all of them wanted purple...I diligently handed out one colour at a time, waiting for the girls to realize the purple was on hold for the time just wasn't going to work.

Eventually everyone had a journal and was busy happily creating...but it took a little extra smoothing this time. This being said, that photo of the rainbow of journals up above still makes me happy.

What can I say?

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