Monday, August 24, 2009

I scream, you scream...

we all scream for ICE CREAM!!!

Well, when I did my first Buggy Birthday the deal was that Sarah would get one herself when her birthday rolled around 9 months later! So here we are 9 whole months later. This was a tricky one since Sarah's 2 best friends are creative do you need to be to keep 2 7 year-old BOYS at the table? Well, it depends...
I think they had a good time! Of course stopping and going outside to see the fire hydrant being flushed was likely the highlight for them! ;) I figure why fight it...just enjoy it! The kids loved the water flowing everywhere!
We made and decorated Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes, Hardening Chocolate Sauce (yep, we made it!) and packaged the sauce all up with our tags, spoons, bowls and sprinkles! The chocolate sauce has been getting rave reviews since it went home! We sure enjoyed it!!!We took it outside once we were done our work 'cause it was HOT! That's also why the kids aren't wearing aprons...anything to stay cool! Here they are...and would you believe that everyone Sarah invited managed to come? Isn't that something? Whew!And of wouldn't be a party without a silly picture!Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


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Racheal said...

I love the last photo. Sean is too funny. lol