Monday, August 17, 2009

Ahem! That's CUPcake lady to you!

As I was putting the finishing touches on this order yesterday, my husband said 'You are becoming the neighbourhood Cakelady.' Well, I must say, I do disagree! I think I am more of a cupcake lady myself!

Here are yesterday's delights!
Little Kate who just turned 3 wanted a pink cupcake. Her mother told me I could do what I wanted as long as they were peanut-free and there was at least 1 pink cupcake. Well, you can't make just 1 pink one! Chocolate and Vanilla Cake were on the menu but we dressed them up extra nice...
There is something about those Double they make you happy too? They sure do make me happy! Ohhh, and did you notice how nice the cupcake stand that DH made me is looking? I am loving the ribbons...isn't he the best???
Here are my friends all lined up and ready to go!


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Cheryl said...

Double lollies are my FAVOURITE. I love them! Looks beautiful, Heather!