Friday, March 27, 2009

Simply Springy!

I don't always have photos of what we actually did at the Birthday Parties to include with my notes so I thought I would show what we did at the last few...these are from Bailey's Party...
Boy, when I showed her the cardstock album covers her whole face lit up with the potential of it all. So we got out my wallpaper books and some Modge Podge and went to town! The girls had a great time putting these together!
I scooped some photos from a past birthday (I didn't think that the girls would relate well to my baby in the book!) and put together some sample pages for them...
This is the project we did at Alex's party all wrapped up...
We made the buggy clipboards (we included some sticky notes with it), the caterpillar pencil and some buggy cupcakes (not pictured here).
These are just a few things that we have done but the themes and ideas are endless!


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