Monday, March 09, 2009

Craft Lady takes her show on the road!

Boy oh boy! I wasn't sure if I could do it but I did! I managed to pack everything up in one rubbermaid tote and head out first thing on Saturday Morning for a very special birthday party in Grimsby! Here is my stuff all ready to go...

Our birthday girl was Sarah (yet again, not my Sarah) and she was turning 5. She is a girl on the go! It was hard to get a photo of her as everytime I took one she moved or looked away but boy is she ever a craft savvy little girl!
Here is one of her friends with her basket of flowers and tag all made up. What a sweetheart eh?This is the birthday girl's little sister Riley...Riley turns 3 in a few months and boy is she ever an up and coming Creative Bug! She was not leaving the table until she knew that all the fun was over! Riley is just finishing up decorating her loot bag here...
Unfortunately, I didn't get a shot of all the girls as they were anxious to go have some more fun but here are their flower baskets all set and ready to go.
We had 14 girls at this party and boy what a great group they were...I also had some great helpers! Sarah & Riley's Mom & Dad are very well trained in the way of arts and crafts!

Thank you so much for having me Sarah and I hope that we do get to meet again next year for your butterfly birthday!


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