Thursday, November 15, 2007

Snowflake Tutorial

Well, I can't take credit for the design but I have yet to see an actual tutorial for this one so I put one together to share how we made the snowflakes on our gift cards last night...I just love it!!!

Here goes;

Supplies Required:
Paper: Whisper White, Vellum
Accessories: 2-Way Glue, Small Tag Punch, Large Tag Punch, snips

Step One:
Punch Whisper White with Small Tag Punch

Step Two:
Use Large Tag Punch to create a frame. Repeat Steps One and Two 7 times (create 8 frames)

Step Three
Glue 4 frames on vellum creating a cross with glue pen.

Step Four:
Layer second set of frames on the first set using glue pen. You may find it easier to create a template with 4 dark frames on light paper to ensure you get the second layer centred correctly.
Step Five:
Cut the bottoms off of the frames to create your snowflake.

Step Five:
Finish cutting out the Snowflake.
Step Six:
Place on desired project.

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