Wednesday, June 06, 2018

SMASH Stitching

When you run a program with youth you really cannot anticipate how they will respond to your well laid out plans.

SMASH Club is all about trying different mediums. You saw Sharpies, watercolours and more but one of my favourites was the stitching. Not because it was easy because it wasn't. There were a lot of needles to thread. Not because the participants all engaged and fell in love. 

I loved the stitching because this happened. See that table? There are 3 boys sitting at it. They are following the designs they made and putting them to canvas with needle and cord.


Sitting and stitching.

This was probably the hardest medium for most of the artists but it wasn't about creating something amazing but rather to put the tools in their hands.

Just put the tools in their hands and they will create.

There is no wrong way, there are many ways to create art, to express yourself.

I love watching creativity unfold.

Looking forward to creating with you soon!

Much love,

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