Friday, May 19, 2017

Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me...

I am on the most incredible journey...this week, while visiting Paris, we visited Clovercroft Farm. What an amazing place! They have bees, chickens and grow a full compliment of vegetables. I was in awe as we toured the farm, we held chicks and learned about chicken behaviour. Did you know that chickens are highly social? They followed us around as we walked around their pen!
And the eggs...sigh the eggs. They are so beautiful in their complex simplicity.
I feel so full after such an amazing week but I am also exhausted. It is time to go home for the weekend to rest and to replenish my spirit. 
 So maybe...just today, the sun can go down so I can be still and know my God.

Here I am in Paris Ontario.
So empty.
So full.
So blessed.

Much love,

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