Friday, October 02, 2015

Sometimes a girl is just a girl...

This post is more than delayed but I'm going to go ahead with it anyway...

We were fortunate enough to test Filles a Maman Clementine Shorts when they came out with the ladies bundle...even though the Creative Princess measured up with the ladies sizes in the waist and hips...they just didn't work. We had some serious bunching...soo...

We did the only thing we could do...we tested the girls' add on pack! These are a more relaxed fit than the ladies to accommodate growing girls and the fit makes so much more sense on the Creative Princess (although she did love the legs on the ladies!)

The bunching is all cleared up and we've got a happy girl!

So, sometimes...a girl is just a girl...and we shouldn't try so hard to make them grow up I think! She loved these shorts and wore them lots over the summer! 


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