Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy Birthday to moi!

 My birthday is a bit of a sticky subject around in, it always seems to come late and sometimes...well, more often than I would like to admit...I end up having a more of a planning role than I might like. I think Mr. CB would argue that I like to be part of planning everything but honestly...I do like to be treated once in awhile! ;)

So...just to be sure that I did get treated on my birthday, I finished a dress that I started last year!!! I was thrilled about his and wore it out to dinner on my birthday. It's Scientific Seamstress' Jamie. I made this pattern awhile back and really love it so yes, I actually do repeat patterns on occasion! The other picture shows me wearing my favourite Patterns for Pirates' Womens Raglan Shirt (well, one of them at least!)

In the end I was treated to a lovely necklace (I wore it with my dress), cake made by my Creative Crew and a day out in Niagara Falls. We went mini putting and had appetizers at The Rainforest Cafe! Mr. CB sometimes forgets that I like to do silly things...I am not a very good adult much of the time.

Didn't my crew do an awesome job on the cake??? I love it! 


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