Friday, September 19, 2014

Big Batch Cooking - Peaches!

We use serious amounts of jam here...I mean serious so I got a bushel of Second Peaches (that means they aren't the farmer's best) for $15 and went to town!

I had helpers don't worry...we made:
  1. 26 Jars of Peach Pie Jam
  2. 30+ Jars of Spiced Peach Jam
  3. 3 Peach Pies
  4. 1 Peach Crisp (it didn't quite work out)
  5. 2 Bags of Peaches for the freezer
What a day! Right?

I know this is a lot more work then some of you want to sign on for but I do highly recommend making your family loves it!


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