Sunday, June 10, 2012

Road Trips, Ice IS a zoo!

When I put together my proposal for Scrapbook Club I never imagined I would get the response I did. I sent my proposal to 3 schools. There wasn't a moment's hesitation for 2 of those schools. We set it up and started registration...8 weeks to create a fun, memorable book to share summer moments in...
We have used colour, stamps, die cuts, loads of glue...
Shaving cream...
Heat embossing (this is a favourite!)
We have worked in groups, I have seen some of the older participants helping younger ones, friendships have been created and solidified...I have gotten to know 38 children better over the last 6 weeks and have enjoyed every moment of it.

I can't wait to share what they have created with you...but unless you are their parent, one of their teachers or someone who touches their lives you can't really see what they have created. They stand a little taller, smile a little broader and have learned so much.

Enjoy (I know I will!)

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