Monday, April 16, 2012

What? No Cake???

I got a call for a birthday party asking me if we HAD to make cupcakes...I was a little confused. What do you mean, you don't want to make cupcakes??? Of course I love baking and decorating cupcakes so the idea of not doing them is just so crazy! Eventually I determined that the birthday girl just doesn't like cake...hmmmm...something to think about there eh?!

While we were thinking we did some Shrink Art...that always puts me in a good mood!
And they were such good artists too!
We made fun hairbands!
Then we got out the BIG mixer! And started whipping something special up...
And we started crushing!!! 

After the whipping was done we poured it into a pan and made marshmallows (google it, there are loads of ideas out there!) Then we used cookie cutters to cut the mallows, dipped them in chocolate (as inspired by Hungry Happenings)...
And then the graham crumbs...
This is the stuff life is made of...
The S'mores were SO yummy! And super fun too! And well, I rarely say no to a challenge! ;)


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