Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Pie in a Jar!

I counted down the days, seriously...this is THE Girls' Night Out I was really looking forward to...a LOT. And finally, it arrived (almost 2 weeks ago now...again, the delay is inexcusable but at least I am here now.)

We had our youngest attendees peeling, coring and chopping, then we mixed up our filling and set to work on our crusts...look at all of that. Isn't it lovely? pie...
With a lid!
All set to go in the freezer...
Ours are still in the freezer which is making the Creative Princess crazy...she wants to share hers with the 5 of us asap but Mr. CB isn't home for dinner 5 nights of the week and weekends get pretty crazy...especially in December! I am aiming for this Sunday. It's movie night afterall...pie seems like a great finish, don't you think?


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