Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Princess Spa

Since our workshop has been renovated...things have been grand! It just makes me happy to go to work and it's so lovely and easy to pretty up after a creative explosion (what can I say, I have to get ALL of my fabric out to really work!) This week's party was lovely and the mother of the birthday girl as so thrilled to walk in and find the tables set with flowers along with the ingredients required for our first project (Get the cupcakes in the oven!)
After cupcakes came our soap! Instead of mini-soaps we did regular sized ones with Silly Bands inside this time. The girls loved it! (I must admit, I would like a prize in my soap too!)
The girls were astounded when they heard that there was another craft and delighted when they found out that it was Shrink Art and they got to watch it shrink!
This week's cupcake design was simple but fun! We put a quick layer of buttercream on then topped it with blue fondant and golden crowns.

With the open house there have been a lot of goodies about...just look at what everyone took home (in addition to their crafts!)
I have a lot more to tell this week...let's hope Blogger co-operates!


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