Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The answer my friend...

is blowing in the wind.

Indeed...everything happens for a reason even if it's not clear to us. So I am sending a shout-out to my Bimini Friends that sometimes might hang out here. xo
I know...I haven't been around! I have been SO busy! I can't believe how the summer is slipping past yet, so much is happening! We went to camp, came home and then the kids and I went back again! And we dreamt!
We made dream catchers...
...and dream books...
and new friends!
and more new friends!
I had a great time being the craft lady at camp! It was a pleasure to hang out with such a great crew of people. They made us feel welcome...like part of the family...maybe even part of the bunch...the Bimini Bunch.

Miss you all already!


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