Monday, August 18, 2008

The Birthday Bonanza Grand Finale!

The signs of the end of the summer are here...we celebrated our last birthday of the summer in the house on the weekend, the evenings are getting shorter, and school is just weeks away. So hard to believe!!!

To celebrate Sarah's 6th Birthday I needed a simple cake as the celebration was just days after our return from vacation. I baked the cake and cupcakes in advance (in the midst of baking all of my other cakes!) and froze them. Here is our Sweet Six Year Old very excited about her newest delight! It's hard to believe that they aren't tired of cake yet...of course they are children aren't they???

This was a single layer yellow cake frosted with buttercream icing (how much easier does it get?) The cupcakes were baked in Wilton Silicone Cupcake Holders that have flower petals (so sweet!) The cake is then decorated with Playmobile Toys from the Fairy collection (part of Sarah's birthday present). I also added some flowers to decorate the cake and cover up a few little oopsies that happened along the way!

This was Sarah's favourite cake of the 6 that we have had over the last 4 weeks (unbelievable!) We baked up some cookies this morning for Tuesdays with Dorie so come back to hear about that tomorrow!


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