Monday, June 01, 2015

Oh Canada!

I am so excited to be part of the Canadian Pattern Designer Blog Tour hosted by Lulu & Celeste for the month of June! I am not sure how it happened but here I am on Day #1 starting us off!

I was lucky enough to sew up Gracious Threads Henday Hoodie! 

Anthony Henday (fl. 1750–1762) was one of the first European men to explore the interior of the Canadian northwest (source: wikipedia). Pretty cool right? I also think the hoodie is great but...I decided to change it up a bit. Since this is a Canadian Tour and we are headed into the summer...I decided to create something my inspiration will wear when we hit the road for one of our camping trips.

Since I had camping on the brain...I thought I'd take the kids to a more rustic location for the photo shoot. Then this happened...he was SO smarmy!!! Fortunately, my middle man was in a happier place so he filled in.

 Hang on! Wasn't that a zipped hoodie (like a sweater you were sewing up) Heather??? Yup. But I changed it up...I added an inch to the centre of the front panels so that I could use snaps instead.

And because my girl outgrew her vest sometime ago...I made her one too! This hoodie only goes to a size 12 so I graded it up to about a 14 so it would better fit my girl.

 And because I was having SO much fun, I made both of the vests completely reversible! We had loads of fun choosing zippers and snaps to coordinate with our fabrics!

This is my first time doing inset zippers like this...they were SO easy to do! I won't even get into the details on how I made that part reversible but I did it! There is just one set of pockets on each vest so when they wear it the opposite way, the same bits are in their pockets.

 And this is when my little one found his happy...he had a blast taking photos with me a couple of good sleeps later!

Want a shot at winning this great pattern (or another amazing one) from Gracious Threads??? Enter to win here! I almost forgot! Gracious Threads is offering a discount so you can join in the Canadian Tour and sew a long!

Jess is offering readers a discount in her Etsy shop for one week only, read through to the end to get the details!

We've got a sew-a-long, great prizes and loads of fantastic bloggers in on this tour so be sure to follow along with us!
June 1 - 3
June 4 - 6
June 8 – 10
June 11 - 13
June 15 – 17
June 17 - 19
June 18 – 20
June 24 – 26
June 25 – 27
June 29 - 30
Lulu & Celeste: new makes and a round up post
July 1st

Did I mention how much my kiddies LOVE their vests???



Cat said...

Those poses! So adorable.

Unknown said...

wow, this blew me away! what a great pattern hack!

rebelandmalice said...

Those look great! I love the plaid and the snaps.

Unknown said...

These vests are great! Love the zippered pockets!

Donna Donna said...

Your children makes awesome models!!

With Love in Every Stitch said...

Fantastic creations and great blog!
What a wonderful start to the tour!

Heather said...

Thank you so much everyone! My children have been making good use of these vests already!


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for taking part! These vests are great, I love how you made them reversible!

Carla G said...

Awesome vests! Love the zippered pockets! :)